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Project Reference

Name CRYOSAT+ CryoTop

Title CRYOSAT+ CryoTop

Thematic Area Cryosphere

Cost 100 - 200 K

Action Line Science Support to Earth Explorers

Status Completed in 2015

Missions ENVISAT, TerraSAR-X, CryoSat-2

Project Description


The CryoTop project aims to develop a new production system to deliver routine and repeat measurements of fine glacier and ice sheet margin (GISM) topography, derived from the CryoSat-2 interferometric altimeter. Using this method, a potential 25-75 fold increase in the density of elevation data may be acheieved with an estimated accuracy of 1.3-2.1 m. In order to acheieve this aim, two objectives have been identified.

  • Develop, assess and select the most suitable algorithm for retrieval of GISM topography based on CryoSat-2 SarIn data.
  • Validate this method using independent measurements of GISM elevation
  • Apply this method to selected regions around the globe, and produce new estimates of GISM topography, at high spatial resolution

Project Consortium

Project Partners U Leeds : University of Leeds(Prime contractor)
UCL : University College London(Subcontractor)
isardSAT : isardSAT S.L.(Subcontractor)
IPGS : Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg(Subcontractor)

Contact Points

Project Manager Andrew Shepherd
School of Earth and Environment
Maths/Earth and Environment Building
The University of Leeds
Leeds. LS2 9JT
United Kingdom
Email: A.

Technical Officer Mark Drinkwater


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