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About STSE

The Support To Science Element (STSE), launched in 2008, is a programmatic component of the Earth Observation Envelope Programme (EOEP), an optional programme of the European Space Agency.

STSE represents a pathfinder for science and innovation in EOEP providing a flexible mechanism to address the scientific needs and requirements of the Earth System Science Community in terms of novel observations, new algorithms and products and innovative Earth science results. Since 2008, STSE have articulated its actions around four main pillars: 

‚ÄčSTSE is built upon the new opportunities for science and innovation offered by the unprecedented multi-mission observational capacity provided by the increasing number of ESA and non-ESA EO missions. STSE looks at the future, responding to both the broad range of scientific requirements derived from the challenges of the Living Planet Programme and the needs expressed by the Earth System Science Community to fully exploit this novel multi-mission potential to better characterise, understand and forecast the Earth system and its dynamics.

STSE is based on a continuous dialog with the Earth System Science Community in order to identify scientific requirements and enabling the definition of dedicated actions contributing to bridge the gap between the new EO potential and the Earth system science needs. In particular, STSE scientific priorities are based on a strong consultation process with the major international scientific programmes (e.g., WCRP, IGBP, GEWEX, iLEAPS, SOLAS, CliC, etc…) through dedicated consultation workshops and international conferences providing a continuous feedback mechanism between the Agency and the international Earth science community. 


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