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Name U Bremen

Full Name University of Bremen

Country Germany

Company Type Research Laboratory

Address Institute of Remote Sensing and Environmental Physics
University of Bremen FB1
PO Box 330 440
D-28334 Bremen

Contact Point Dr. J. P. Burrows
+49 421 218-2915
+49 421 218-4555

Number of Projects 7

Projects SnowRadiance (Subcontractor) - Modelling the spectral and bi-directional physical/structural properties of snow / ice
CARBONGASES (CESN Host Institition) - Retrieval and analysis of CARBON dioxide and methane greenhouse GAses from SCIAMACHY on ENVISAT
SMOSIce (Subcontractor) - SMOS Sea Ice Retrieval Study
ALANIS: Methane (Subcontractor) - Atmosphere-Land Interactions Study: Wetland Dynamics & CH4 Emissions
TIBAGS (CESN Host Institition) - Tropospheric Iodine monoxide and its coupling to Biospheric and Atmospheric variables: a Global Satellite study
SPIN (Subcontractor) - ESA SPARC Initiative
MesosphEO (Subcontractor) - MesosphEO


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