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Name UCL

Full Name University College London

Country United Kingdom

Company Type Research Laboratory

Address University College London
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT

+44 20 7679 2000

Contact Point

Number of Projects 10

Projects ALANIS: Smoke Plumes (Subcontractor) - Atmosphere-Land Interactions Study: Fire Plumes & Gas/Aerosol Dispersion
Antarctic Peninsula Mass Balance (Subcontractor) - Antarctic Peninsula Mass Balance
CryoSat+ GLITTER (Subcontractor) - Estimating ice sheet grounding line location and ice thickness using CryoSat-2
EO-CONVOY: Land (Subcontractor) - Sentinel Convoy: Synergetic Observations With Satellites Flying In Formation With European Operational Missions: Land
3DVegLab (Subcontractor) - 3D Vegetation Lab
WACMOS-ET (Subcontractor) - WACMOS-Evapotranspiration
CRYOSAT+ CryoTop (Subcontractor) - CRYOSAT+ CryoTop
Arctic+ Snow Thickness on Sea Ice (Subcontractor) - Arctic+ Snow Thickness on Sea Ice
Arctic+ Sea Ice Mass (Subcontractor) - Arctic+ Sea Ice Mass
CryoSat+ Mountain Glaciers (Subcontractor) - CryoSat+ Mountain Glaciers


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