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Name DTU

Full Name Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Country Denmark

Company Type Research Laboratory

Address National Space Institute (DTU Space)
Microwaves and Remote Sensing
Ørsteds Plads, building 348
DK-2800 Lyngby
+45 4525 2525
+45 4593 1634

Contact Point

Number of Projects 11

Projects CRYOSAT-SAMOSA (Subcontractor) - CRYOSAT-SAMOSA
CRYOSAT+ Ocean (Subcontractor) - CRYOSAT+ Ocean
SWARM-CLUSTER (Subcontractor) - SWARM-CLUSTER Tandem
Antarctic Peninsula Mass Balance (Subcontractor) - Antarctic Peninsula Mass Balance
SSTDV: REX-IMAM (CESN Host Institition) - Sea Surface Temperature Diurnal Variability: Regional Extent – Implications in Atmospheric Modelling
ICEMASS (CESN Host Institition) - Ice-sheet mass changes from CryoSat, Envisat and GRACE
CRYOSAT+ Land/Inland Water (Subcontractor) - CRYOSAT+ Land/Inland Water
GOCE+ Sea Level (Prime contractor) - GOCE+ Sea Level
CryoSMOS (Subcontractor) - CryoSMOS
Arctic+ ArcFlux (Prime contractor) - Arctic+ Fresh Water Fluxes
GOCE+ Anctartica (Subcontractor) - The influence of the Antarctic lithosphere on glacial isostatic adjustment modelling


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