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Name TU Delft

Full Name Delft University of Technology

Country Netherlands

Company Type Research Laboratory

Address TU Delft
Faculty of Aerospace Engineering
Kluyverweg 1
2629 HS Delft
The Netherlands

+31 (0)15 2782086
+31 (0)15 2785322

Contact Point Eelco Doornbos
+31 (0)15 2782086
+31 (0)15 2785322

Number of Projects 6

Projects GOCE+ AirDensity (Prime contractor) - Air density and wind retrieval using GOCE data
CRYOSAT+ Ocean (Subcontractor) - CRYOSAT+ Ocean
GOCE+ Time-Variations (Subcontractor) - Earth’s time-variable gravity field observed by GOCE
GOCE+ Geoexplore II (Subcontractor) - GOCE+ Geoexplore II
3D Earth (Subcontractor) - 3D Earth
GOCE+ Anctartica (Subcontractor) - The influence of the Antarctic lithosphere on glacial isostatic adjustment modelling


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