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Project Reference

Name SAR IceConstellation

Title Multi-parameter SAR Constellations for Sensing and Retrieval of Geophysical Parameters

Thematic Area Cryosphere

Cost 300 - 400 K

Action Line Novel Algorithms and Products

Status Completed in 2011

Missions Airborne, Multi-Missions

Sensors SAR, ASAR

Project Description


In the near future an increasing number of SAR missions operating in different bands and polarizations will provide an unprecedented capacity to monitor different aspects of the Earth system, such as sea ice. Today, even if SAR data provides one of the best information sources to map and monitor sea ice for operational and scientific applications, the potential benefits of the synergic exploitation of the coming SAR multi-mission capacity is poorly understood.

In this context, dedicated research is required to set up solid scientific basis for the development of multi-mission based SAR constellations being able to maximise the synergic information coming from different SAR missions. As part of the initial call for proposals of the ESA's EO Support To Science Element, this project aims at assessing the potential contribution of current and future SAR missions to operational and scientific monitoring of sea ice, including the improvement of existing sea ice products and the enablement of new products.

These objectives will be addressed through the analysis of existing multi-parameter SAR datasets (airborne, spaceborne) and the development and exploitation of a novel simulation tool able to predict sea ice radar signatures as a function of the ice type and condition and sensor parameters. The outcome of the study is expected to contribute to the formulation of SAR constellations concepts from both scientific and operational perspectives and provide documented guidelines for interoperability and potential new sea ice products enabled by such constellations, as well as flag gaps in planned SAR capacity.

Project Consortium

Project Partners C-CORE : C-CORE(Prime contractor)
Polar Imaging : Polar Imaging Ltd.(Subcontractor)
CIS : Canadian Ice Service(Subcontractor)
eOsphere : eOsphere Ltd.(Subcontractor)
U Manitoba : University of Manitoba(Subcontractor)

Contact Points

Project Manager Desmond Power
Captain Robert A. Bartlett Building
Morrisey Road
St. John's, NL, A1B 3X5
T: +1 709-737-8353
F: +1 709-737-4706

Technical Officer Malcolm Davidson


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