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Project Reference

Name WaterRadiance

Title WaterRadiance

Thematic Area Ocean

Cost 200 - 300 K

Action Line Novel Algorithms and Products

Status Completed in 2011

Missions ENVISAT, Sentinel-3


Project Description


The Global Climate Observation System group working in partnership with the other global observing systems has identified ocean colour as an Essential Climate Variable. Today, whilst the monitoring of open ocean water has reached a mature state, the monitoring of coastal waters remains a developing field of research.

Sentinel-3 will extend MERIS spectral range of observation towards the UV and the NIR/SWIR range. In this context, this project will contribute to a better understand of Apparent Optical Properties (AOPs) (e.g.: water leaving reflectances) and Inherent Optical Properties (IOPs) for the preparation of the next generation of water quality products in coast areas. In particular, the projects will focus on three main aspects:

1) improved characterisation of IOPs in the UV and NIR/SWIR, in particular water spectral absorption;
2) development/consolidation and validation of an improved spectro-directional model of water leaving reflectance in the UV and NIR/SWIR;
3) retrieval of IOPs from AOPs.

Project Consortium

Project Partners GKSS : GKSS Research Centre - Institute for Coastal Research(Prime contractor)
Brockmann : Brockmann Consult(Subcontractor)
ARGANS : Argans Ltd(Subcontractor)
FUoB : Freie Universität Berlin(Subcontractor)

Contact Points

Project Manager Dr. Rüdiger Röttgers
GKSS Research Centre
Max-Planck. Str. 1,
21502 Geesthacht
Tel.:+49 4152 87 1575
Fax:+49 4152 87-1596

Technical Officer Marc Bouvet


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