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Name North Hydrology

Title North Hydrology

Thematic Area Cryosphere

Cost > 500 K

Action Line International Scientific Cooperation

Status In Progress

Project Description


The overall goal of the North Hydrology is to support the international efforts coordinated by the CliC project of the WCRP to exploit the use of ESA EO data, models and in situ data to improve the characterisation of river and lake ice processes and their contribution to the Northern Hydrology system. To this end North Hydrology aims at developing a portfolio of novel multi- mission geo-information products (maximising the use of ESA data) improving the current characterisation of river and lakes ice dynamics to enhance NWP and modelling of key hydrological processes in Northern latitudes.

In this context, short-term general objectives of the project include: Development and validation of a dedicated portfolio of novel EO-based multi- mission based products responding directly to the specific scientific requirements of the scientific, modelling and operational communities to better characterise the rivers and lake ice contribution to the northern hydrology system. Assimilation of the novel products into suitable models to improve river and lake ice Characterisation in NWP/climate modelling and north hydrology studies. Assimilation into suitable hydrological models at basin scale improving ice jam characterisation, flood forecasting and glacial temporary lakes characterization for Jökulhlaups (glacial floods) modelling and forecasting; Developing a Scientific Roadmap as a basis for further ESA activities in support of the CliC community.

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Technical Officer Diego Fernandez


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