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Project Reference

Name GOCE+ Geoexplore II

Title GOCE+ Geoexplore II

Thematic Area Solid Earth

Cost 200 - 300 K

Action Line Science Support to Earth Explorers

Status Completed in 2015

Missions GOCE

Sensors Accelerometers

Project Description


This project complements the GOCE+ GeoExplore activity with additional scientific efforts and test cases. To this end, the team of 6 European institutes investigates applications of GOCE gravity gradients in order to improve geophysical models in two different geographical areas.

The first area, the reykjanes ridge close to Iceland, covers a mid-ocean ridge that plays a key role for creation of a new crust and for generation of ridge push driving partly plate motion. Combined GOCE gravity gradients from study team I will be used for refined local density modelling that cannot uniquely be achieved through seismic measurements.

In Africa, the second test area of the project, GOCE gravity gradients from team I will be combined with seismic tomographic models of the continental lithospheric mantle (upper 200 km or so of the Earth’s mantle that lies beneath the thin crustal layer) in order to refine an initial density model derived by 3-D modelling programs.

To achieve these goals, GOCE gravity gradients from team I will be used in combination with other available data sources such as ground and marine gravity, altimetry, terrain elevation and density models, seismic tomographic and mantle flow models and crustal thickness models. However, the main target for the project is to demonstrate in particular the benefits of GOCE gravity gradients for geophysical applications and interpretations.

Project Consortium

Project Partners U WB : University of West Bohemia(Prime contractor)
TU Delft : Delft University of Technology(Subcontractor)
AAS : Austrian Academy of Sciences Space Research Institute(Subcontractor)
DIAS : Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies(Subcontractor)
GIS : Geodätisches Institut Universität Stuttgart(Subcontractor)
AUT : Aristotle University of Thessaloniki(Subcontractor)

Contact Points

Project Manager

Technical Officer Roger Haagmans


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