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SPARC Data Requirements Workshop

20 February 2013

ESA, and SPARC organise the SPARC Data Requirements Workshop ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, Italy, 20 - 21 Feb, 2013.


Within the atmospheric and related sciences, there is a growing emphasis on ensuring that observational data sets meet specific scientific needs. Increasingly, the case for new measurements needs to include an end-to-end plan leading to scientific use of the data. Traceable demonstrations of added scientific value can also help make the case for preserving existing sources of data.

As a scientific user of observational data, SPARC has been going through a process of developing material that makes explicit the kind and quality of measurements that are needed to support SPARC activities in a concrete manner. This material will better allow SPARC to provide coordinated input to international bodies such as GCOS and CEOS, as well as to respond to requests from funding entities, including space agencies, concerning SPARC measurement needs and priorities. The process should also help stimulate greater use and improvement of observational products by SPARC activities.

In parallel with this process, SPARC has been engaged in an ESA-funded project to develop long-term climate data records of stratospheric temperature, water vapour, ozone and aerosols as well as climatologies of short-lived species – the ESA SPARC Initiative (SPIN).

The goals of this Workshop are to:

All SPARC activities and their members are invited to attend and make presentations at this workshop, as well as members of the broader SPARC community.

Please indicate your interest in attending by sending an email to:


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