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University of Trier - Geography/Geosciences - Remote Sensing Department
Remote Sensing Department
University of Trier
54286 Trier
Research Organisation
The Remote Sensing Department is part of the Faculty of Geography / Geosciences.
Besides teaching within the fields of Applied Physical Geography and Environmental Sciences, the department has acquired large expertise in various aspects of remote sensing and GIS applications.

The focus of research lies on land use/land cover mapping, environmental monitoring and modelling using earth observation and airborne remote sensing data (including the development of new and standardised image processing techniques, sensor calibration, spectrometry, reflectance modelling, multi-sensor data enhancement and fusion, integration of remote sensing data and GIS, methods of visual interpretation of maps and remote sensing images).

The Department has acquired specific expertise in the processing and analysis of hyperspectral data for mapping and monitoring complex patterns of erosion, stability and regeneration in arid environments.

It has been involved in a large number of projects and initiatives dealing with research on degradation and desertification in Europe and beyond, such as ERMES-II, DEMON I and II, GEORANGE and LADAMER.

Joachim Hill c/o University of Trier
+49 651 201 4592
+49 651 201 3815