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Desertification Research Group (NRD) - University of Sassari
Nucleo Ricerca Disertificazione (NRD)
Università di Sassari
Dip. Scienze Zootecniche
via de Nicola, 9
07100 Sassari
Research Organisation
The Nucleo Ricerca Desertificazione of the University of Sassari (NRD–UNISS) was born in 1990 as a multidisciplinary research group focusing on Mediterranean desertification, with particular reference to Sardinia.
Different disciplines were covered: earth sciences, hydraulics, hydrology, agronomy, forestry, economics and animal sciences.
Since 2000 the NRD has become the Interdepartmental centre NRD of the University of Sassari and new disciplines have joined: anthropology, zoology, bio-ecology, microbiology, international law, hygiene, jurisprudence, agricultural mechanisation and modelling. Since its establishment, the NRD researchers have been involved in the study of physical, biological and socio-economic aspects of desertification and land degradation in the Mediterranean, with particular reference to the impact of agricultural policies and agropastoral activities.

The NRD staff has been involved in several research programmes, most of them financed by European Union (including MEDALUS I and II, DISMED, MEDRAP, RIADE), maturing a deep knowledge on land degradation topics. The NRD has also promoted several activities aiming at favouring the exchange of data and experiences at international level and to promote scientific training of young researchers from European and non-European Countries.

NRD is a consultant on land degradation issues for the Italian Ministry of the Environment, ANPA (Italian Environmental Protection Agency), ENEA and has also collaborated with the Sardinian Regional Government in activities connected with to land degradation in the island.

Giuseppe Enne c/o NRD
+39 079 211 016
+39 079 217 901
DesertWatch Extension