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Agriconsulting S.p.A.
Via Vitorchiano 123 00189 Roma Italy

Agriconsulting S.p.A. is a Consulting Firm for the Development of Agricultural and Environmental Activities.

Agriconsulting was established as a private consulting firm in 1966 by a group of agricultural entrepreneurs and has been active abroad since 1972. Since then it has developed a vast range of competencies in the field of agriculture and food, sustainable rural development and natural resources conservation, becoming a leading company in the sector both in Italy and abroad.

Agriconsulting is nowadays recognised as a reliable service provider for consulting in agriculture, rural development, environment, natural resources management, territorial planning, Geographic information Systems, development of agro-food chains, support to small and medium enterprises, support to institutions and training.

Ms. Paola Molinari
39 06 330 88 1
39 06 330 88 234