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Indra Espacio S.A
Indra Espacio
Remote Sensing Department
Calle Mar Egeo nº4, Pol. Ind. nº1
28830 San Fernando de Henares. Madrid

Indra is the leading Information Technologies and Defense Systems(IT) company in Spain.
Indra is organised around three business areas: Information Technologies, Simulation and Automatic Test Systems, and Defence Electronic Equipment.


Indra provides its clients with an offer that ranges from consultancy, project development, and systems and applications integration to outsourcing of IT systems and business processes. This offer is structured into two primary segments: Solutions and Services.

The offer in Solutions includes a wide range of systems, applications, and components for obtaining, processing, transferring, and subsequently presenting, data and information, which are basically aimed at controlling and managing complex and/or critical processes. In general, Indra solutions serve the core of the business operation of our clients, and require as an essential capability the integration of systems, i.e. the design, configuration, development, and implementation of complete components, applications, and IT systems, featuring our own and third-party products.

Through the Services on offer, Indra manages and operates systems and solutions (Outsourcing, AM, Maintenance, etc...), as well as certain business processes where technology is a strategic and differentiating element (BPO).

Indra has become an outstanding reference on the markets on which it operates, both nationally and internationally. With references in more than 40 countries on the five continents, approximately a third of the company’s annual revenues come from the international markets. By geographical areas, Europe and the United States are the two international markets with the greatest weight and growth for Indra. The company’s presence on these particularly demanding markets constitutes a permanent guarantee of its high level of competitiveness. Latin America should not be forgotten, since it is a geographical area in which Indra has traditionally operated.

A solid technology base, permanent innovation, quality in processes and results, demanding management and a team of more than 8,300 professionals with a high level of continuously updated training are the keys to the position of leadership achieved by Indra.

Daniel Carrasco
+34 91 626.88.49
+34 91 626.88.90
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