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PRO DV Software AG
Hauert 6
D-44227 Dortmund
PRO DV Software AG is a software and systems company, employing about 200 people at five sites in Germany and Switzerland. Since its foundation in 1979 it gained specific expertise in geo-business solutions in the fields of telecommunications, for public administration and utility providers as well as in the banking sector. The company's thematic focus is on environmental monitoring and security issues, with particular expertise in disaster management. From a technical point of view it provides a deep understanding on geo-portals, metadata management systems, spatial data infrastructures, OGC/ISO web services and service-oriented architectures.

PRO DV is strongly engaged in national as well as European initiatives and projects related to GMES, INSPIRE, GALILEO, Ambient Intelligence.

PRO DV developed the German Emergency Preparedness Information System deNIS IIplus which represents the German IT standard for civil protection. The system provides assistance to decision-makers and emergency managers in the phases of prevention, preparedness and response to large-scale natural disasters or technical accidents.

PRO DV and its Swiss affiliate GeoTask AG also conceived and implemented a series of web-based prestigious geo-spatial systems, e.g: GeoPortal.Bund®, dedicated to be the German interface towards the aspired INSPIRE geo-portal;, the unique, ISO-compliant metadata management system for entire Switzerland; EuroMapFinder, the EuroGeographics metadata-portal for the integration of 47 national metadata catalogues.

Jürgen Cronau
+ 49 231 9792-125
+ 49 231 9792-200