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eOsphere Limited
United Kingdom
eOsphere Limited
3, Great Farm Offices, West Woodhay
Newbury, Berkshire. RG20 0BP
United Kingdom
eOsphere, formerly Vexcel UK, was established in 2001 and supports complete systems; ranging from ground station technology and data links, to World leading expertise in satellite image analysis. Activities include the development and provision of near real time SAR-derived sea ice products to national ice services. Recent orders include those for the newly-designed MODIS ground station, VxEOS; the first being delivered in Indian to support climate change studies.

eOsphere can provide a complete offshore ice information service; including data planning and acquisition from satellites and ancillary sources, the provision of analysis systems (software and hardware) to support offshore environmental monitoring, sea-ice analysis and ice forecasting, quality control and management and coordination.

Nick Walker
+44 (0) 1488 669 833
+44 (0) 1488 669 839
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