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A-MAPS Environmental Inc.

A-MAPS Environmental Inc.
A-MAPS Environmental Inc.
32 Bon Eco Cresc.,
Ontario K2M 2W6,
A-MAPS Environmental focuses on cutting-edge environmental monitoring methods such as satellite remote sensing technologies, to map environmental processes.
Most recently, the company is dealing with regional and municipal Air Quality and Green House Gases dispersion mapping, based on atmospheric satellite observations.
The developed products and services are available on line in GIS formats. The company is centrally located in Ottawa, Ontario.
The A-MAPS team includes professionals with strong backgrounds in environmental sciences and technologies and geospatial mapping, all of them having many years of practical experience.
The company works in close cooperation and partnership with governmental institutions such as Natural Resources Canada, Transport Canada, Health Canada, Environment Canada, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, European Space Agency, Canadian Space Agency and City of Ottawa as well as with large private organizations such as L.B. Pearson International Airport and Ottawa International Airport.
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