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Risk Sciences International
200-449 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, ON
K1N 6Z4

The mission of Risk Sciences International (RSI) is to apply knowledge toward the improvement of health, the state of the environment and the quality of life. We achieve this mission by enhancing our clients’ capacity to understand, communicate and manage in diverse risk domains.

RSI works with clients, public and private, to serve the public interest. Our focus on the management of risk brings critical insights, methods and tools from one risk domain to the next. At RSI, we have a passion for tackling challenging issues both old and new, working with our clients to analyze them rigorously and designing and implementing creative, customized solutions.

RSI was formed in 2006 in a unique partnership with the University of Ottawa. The company combines a broad and multi-disciplinary network of academic and consulting experts with the consulting operations of Decisionalysis Risk Consultants, Inc. (serving clients internationally since 1996). We invite you to explore our service offerings and to contact us to discuss your needs.

Innovators II - Urban Air Quality Health Index