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Portuguese Geographic Institute, Remote Sensing Unit
Rua Artilharia Um, 107 - 1099-052 Lisboa, Portugal
Research Organisation
The Portuguese Geographic Institute (Instituto Geográfico Português – IGP) is a National Agency of the Central Public Administration with the main objective of ensuring the execution of the geographic information policy at a national level. IGP is also the National Authority for Cartography.

The Remote Sensing Unit (RSU) is a research & development department integrated in the Geographical Information Research and Management Services Directorate (DSIGIG), which is one of the central operational services of the Portuguese Geographic Institute (IGP).

Scientific research within the field of Earth Observation is RSU's major focus. The Unit develops several projects, both individually and through partnerships with other national and international organisations. These projects are essentially funded by the European Comission and the National Science Foundation. Simultaneously, RSU hosts permanently several MSc and PhD students who develop their research within the framework of the Unit's activity.

Mário Caetano
(+351) 21 381 96 00 ext. 474
(+351) 21 381 96 87
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