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Management Unit of the North Sea Mathematical Models
Gulledelle, 100
B-1200 Brussels, Belgium
Research Organisation
The Management Unit of the North Sea Mathematical Models (MUMM) is a department of the Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences (RBINS) dedicated to providing a scientific basis for management of the marine ecosystem. This is achieved by continual development and application of mathematical models, in situ measurements and remote sensing techniques. Research is driven by the needs of environmental decision-makers. MUMM will be represented in CoastColour by the REMSEM (Remote Sensing and Ecosystem Modelling) team, led by Kevin Ruddick. The REMSEM team is specialised in the use of optical remote sensing and ecosystem modelling techniques to provide scientific support for environmental policy, e.g. in the framework of the OSPAR Eutrophication Strategy, of Environmental Impact Assessments, of sediment transport, etc. REMSEM has been working since 1997 on developing, improving and validating products such as Total Suspended Matter and Chlorophyll a concentration from sensors such as SeaWiFS, MODIS and MERIS and has stimulated the user communities for these products, including marine scientists and modellers. Research in this field has included atmospheric correction (esp. for turbid waters), quality control and validation of satellite data, in situ measurements, algae bloom and phytoplankton species detection, the use of geostationary satellites, etc. REMSEM participates actively in European and international research via projects (e.g. BELCOLOUR, REVAMP, MARCOAST) and other activities (BELCOLOUR symposia, MERIS Validation Team, NASA Ocean Colour Research Team, MERIS User conferences, AERONET and SIMBADA networks, SeaDAS contributor, IOCCG geostationary working group, MERIS/GOCI/CHRIS PI, etc.).
Kevin Ruddick
+32 (0)2 773 21 31
+32 (0)2 770 69 72