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Centro de Oceanografia, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon
Facultade de Ciencias da Universidade De Lisboa
Campo Grande
Edificio CS, 1149-016 Lisboa, Portugal
Research Organisation
The Institute of Oceanography (CO) is a multidisciplinary research unit of the national R&D system, integrated in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (CO), with competences in Physical Oceanography, Marine Zoology and Marine Botany. The general objectives of CO are: (i) to develop research, including cooperation activities with other national and foreign R&D units (e.g. universities, research institutes, public administration, industry); (ii) to carry out consulting activities and advising enterprises within the areas of CO expertise; (iii) to collaborate in the graduation of undergraduate and postgraduate students; and (iv) to promote science outreach through the diffusion of scientific and technologic knowledge in Marine and Freshwater Sciences for the general public.

The CO team includes faculty members and senior researchers of CO, and other institutions, postgraduate students, in a total of 42 PhDs, and young researchers associated to R&D projects, and other personnel under contract within CO activities.

The CO team is organized in three Research Groups - Physical Oceanography, Marine Botany and Ecology and Management of Aquatic Resources – each one coordinated by a senior researcher. Multidisciplinary activities between groups are encouraged both at the research and academic levels. The research line of in situ Phytoplankton data collection for ocean colour remote sensing validation begun in 2005. CO has participated in a number of oceanographic cruises to Antarctica, Azores, and upwelling coastal areas off Portugal, Morocco, Nazaré and Aveiro.

The definition of the scientific strategy and planning of the general research themes are the main functions of the CO Scientific Committee (SC), which includes all the PhD researchers of the CO and a representative of the non-PhD researchers from each of the three groups. The Executive Committee (EC) ensures the management of the CO and is constituted by 5 members, with a 2-year mandate, elected by the CO groups. The SC elects from within the EC members the CO Director with a 2-year mandate. There is also an Advisory Board including members from external research institutions (national or foreign). These matters and others related with the structure and functioning of the CO are defined in the CO Regulations approved by the SC.

Vanda Brotas