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Dundee Satellite Receiving Station
United Kingdom
Dundee Satellite Receiving Station,
University of Dundee,
Scotland, U.K.
Research Organisation
The NERC satellite receiving station at Dundee University has been systematically recording satellite images on a daily basis since 1978.

Data from SeaWiFS and also from MODIS, carried on the EOS AM/PM series satellites, is being received and archived. Data are also received from METEOSAT S-VISSR and other geostationary satellites for daily use but are not routinely archived for more than a few days.

The archive is kept on tape and CD-ROM, with a photographic archive kept for quick browsing. Data from satellite passes is kept on disc for six days allowing customers to order interactively on the World Wide Web. Passes older than that can be restored from the archive upon request.
As far as coverage is concerned, images can be received from a large circle centred on Dundee, reaching as far as Newfoundland, Morocco and the Canary Islands, the Black Sea, Novaya Zemlya and Greenland.

Services available include:

  • Free quicklook images on the Web
  • High resolution data ordered on the Web and sent by FTP
  • High resolution data on tape or CD-ROM
  • Photographic image products and full-colour posters
  • A full archive in hard-copy form back to 1978
  • The ability to perform searches of the archive based on any given criteria, such as cloud-free areas.
Neil Lonie
+44 1382 34 4409
+44 1382 202 575