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Swiss TI

Swiss Tropical Institute
Swiss Tropical Institute Socinstrasse 57 P.O. Box - CH-4002 Basel Switzerland
Research Organisation
The STI is an Institute founded in 1943 to carry out teaching and research, and to provide services. It is financed by grants from the Canton of Basel-Stadt and the Swiss Federal Government, and to a large extent (75%) by its own income from the provision of medical services, services in support of international health, grants for research projects from the Swiss National Science Foundation and other bodies, and foundations.
The Institute is also a partner in a number of development projects overseas. This work is largely financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

The Institute's goal is to contribute to improving the health of populations and groups on both national and international levels.

It runs activities in:

  • teaching
  • research,
  • support of development in the field of health in countries of both the South and the East,
  • provision of services for the general public in Switzerland and the surrounding region.

The institutes consist of:

  • 2 departments carrying out teaching and research activities:
    1. Medical Parasitology and Biology of Infection,
    2. Public Health and Epidemiology,
  • 2 Service and Support Centres:
    1. Medical and Diagnostic Services
    2. Swiss Centre for International Health.