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Bartlett Building
Morissey Road
A1B 3X5
St John's, NF, Canada

C-CORE is a global research and development corporation providing innovative engineering solutions to clients in the natural resource sectors.

C-CORE develops and applies advanced technologies to address production and market issues faced by natural resource sectors such as oil and gas, pipeline, mining, pulp and paper, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture. Collaboration with partners, clients and research institutions achieves exceptional results and contributes to economic growth in these industries.

With a team of more than 50 research engineers, C-CORE plays an important role in developing highly qualified, entrepreneurial people to support the advancement of these sectors. Although Canada is a major focus, C-CORE also continues to increase his operations in the United States, Europe, Asia and offshore Russia.

C-CORE's services are organized to provide wide-ranging, complementary services in key industry categories. They provide services in the following four core areas, allowing to assemble flexible project teams with diverse expertise to address technical issues of the natural resource sectors.

  • Intelligent Systems
  • Remote Sensing
  • Ice Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
Charles Randell, Vice President
+1 709-737-4011
+1 709-737.4706
Innovators TIGER - Lake Quality Egypt
Innovators II - Aquatic Point Pollution Detection
Innovators I - Permafrost