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visiting address: ‘Het Cambium’
Nieuwe Kanaal 9a
6709 PA Wageningen
the Netherlands

mailing address:
Postbus 253
6700 AG Wageningen
The Netherlands
Bosdata is the Dutch national reference centre for forestry statistics. It manages (ground) data and information concerning the Dutch forests. In this capacity Bosdata is currently involved in several (inter)national projects, such as:
  • The National Forest Inventory, based on GIS and ground sampling methods (a government project, in Dutch called "Meetnet Functievervulling Bos");
  • The Temperate and Boreal Forest Resource Assessment (TB-FRA: a UN-ECE/FAO project), as National Correspondent;
  • The European Forest Sector Outlook Studies (EFSOS: a UN-ECE project), as consultant;
  • The development of a plan for monitoring carbon sequestration in afforestation projects in the Netherlands (a National Greenfund project);
  • The Dutch government working group ("WEB") preparing the Dutch reports on afforestation, reforestation and deforestation and forest management in light of the Kyoto Protocol (a governement-funded project).

By virtue of their experience and expertise on forestry statistics, forest data inventory, monitoring systems and forestry and forest inventory aspects of the Kyoto protocol, and its belonging to the international network of experts on forestry statistics, Bosdata provided a significant contribution to the Dutch National UNFCCC Report.

Mr. Rino Jans
Bosrandweg 5
6700 AG Wageningen
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 317 466568
+31 (0) 317 410247