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METEO FRANCE - Centre for Space Meteorology
Service Central d'Exploitation de la Météorologie
Centre de Météorologie Spatiale
B.P. 147
22302 LANNION cédex, France
Non-profit Organization
The primary role of CMS is to provide Météo-France and its end-users with satellite information. Real-time imagery and products are processed and distributed to the central forecasting service in Toulouse, to regional offices, to oversea facilities, as well as the TV, the military or other users. Météo-France decided to make CMS its centre of competence for satellite matters and to concentrate here its operational satellite facilities, with a staff of around 80 persons including 2 shift operator positions.

CMS is willing to make use of its capabilities and expertise not only for national needs but also, when relevant, to support international missions for the user community or the satellite operators. CMS thus receives and processes data from GOES-East (75° West), Météosat-7 (0°) et Météosat-5 (63° East), and NOAA –12, -14 and –15. CMS is relaying satellite data and telemetry to NOAA on an operational basis. Vice versa, we are relaying GOES data and GMS data to Meteosat users via the Meteosat spacecraft. This relaying mission is planned to be continued and enhanced for the MSG programme, in cooperation with UKMO and NOAA. It contributes to the availability of global data on an operational basis.

In terms of R&D, most of our efforts are now within the EUMETSAT SAFs that Météo-France considers an excellent way to expand the EUMETSAT ground segment and promote satellite data use. The SAF approach stimulates scientific cooperation, favours user interaction, while maintaining a well focussed operational objective under the leadership of the EUMETSAT Secretariat and constituent bodies . CMS is involved in 3 SAFs : O&SI, NWC, NWP and is happy to act as the host for the OSI SAF .