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K.U.Leuven R&D

Catholic University of Leuven - Research and Development department
K.U.Leuven Research & Development
Groot Begijnhof 58-59
B-3000 Leuven
Research Organisation
K.U.Leuven Research & Development is a separate entity within the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven with the specific mission to promote and support the transfer of knowledge and technology between the university and the industry. In order to do this, K.U.Leuven Research & Development offers professional advice with regard to legal, technical as well as business-related issues. The activities of K.U.Leuven Research & Development include:
  • Contract research: professional advice is provided both to determine opportunities (innovation advice & technology brokerage) and to negotiate and elaborate research agreements (definition of workplan, pricing, intellectual property rights, etc.)
  • Intellectual Property Rights management: an active patent and licensing policy is pursued with respect to university research results. This allows for generating additional funds for further scientific research.
  • Establishment of new research-oriented and innovative spin-off companies: professional advice and support as well as access to venture capital and accommodation is provided to entrepreneurs who want to set up a new, research-oriented business that makes use of university's knowledge or technology.
  • Promotion of high-tech entrepreneurship and innovation by stimulating networking initiatives and technology clustering.
Koenraad Debackere
+32 16 32 65 07
+32 16 32 65 15