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BOOST Technologies
BOOST Technologies
135, rue Claude CHAPPE
BOOST Technologies is a private research and development company (SME), located in Brest France, working in the field of remote sensing of marine offshore and coastal environments. Since the beginning of the 90’s, the founding scientists of BOOST have made a significant contribution to demonstrating the potential of high-resolution satellite radar imagery in the operational observation of oceans and shores all around the world, at extremely high resolutions, regardless of meteorological conditions and solar illumination.

Taking advantage of their end-to-end expertise, which encompasses the fields of oceanography, remote sensing and signal/image processing, BOOST have been heavily involved in the various calibration/validation campaigns of remote sensing instruments of the European Earth Observation missions ERS-1/2.

BOOST is now focusing its attention on the advanced SAR (ASAR) instrument on board the European Earth Observation satellite ENVISAT.

BOOST provides a crucial link between raw data providers, who are in charge of the distribution of SAR images, and the end users who need valuable information relevant to their activity. Although containing an impressive quantity of information, SAR images are so far under-exploited since they are mostly inaccessible to the non-experts. Thus, BOOST’s mission is to carry out advanced research on co-located data given by various information sources (such as satellite sensors including radar and optical technology, numerical model outputs, in-situ observations, etc) to provide value-added services for marine applications such as wind/wave conditions, currents retrieval, oceanic features detection, oil spill monitoring, ship detection and so on.

Dr. Fabrice Collard
+33 (0)2 29 00 23 02
+33 (0)2 29 00 21 24