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Dual-use European Security Infra Red Element (DESIRE) 2nd User Consultation

Dual-use European Security Infra Red Element (DESIRE)

The first Dual-use European Security Infra Red Element (DESIRE) workshop was organised by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Royal Military School of Belgium (RMS) at RMS premises in Brussels, Belgium on 01-02 October 2008. The event provided a forum to European Industry, Operational users, Defence analysts and Specialists to review the state of the art in science, applications and operational use of Thermal Infra-Red (TIR) space-borne assets for Defence and Security.

The programme and ESA presentations of the first DESIRE workshop are provided below:

Wednesday, October 1st

State of Art: presentations –chairman: O. Arino


14:30 Acheroy (RMS) Welcome Speech
14:40 O. Arino  Introduction to the Workshop
14:50 E. Duhamel (ESA): ESA Activities in Support to Defence
15:10 J. Hartikainen (EDA): EDA and Space-Borne Thermal Infrared Sensors
15:30 C. Gomez (GMV): Filling Gaps in the GMES Security Domain: the Need of an Infrared Sensor
15:50 M. Shimoni (RMS): Thermal Imaging Spectroscopy: Present Technology and Future Dual-Use Applications
16:10 P. Schwering (TNO): IR System Concepts in Naval Operations
16:30 J Valero (EUSC): Operational Use of Commercial Spaceborne Thermal Data in EUSC Activities to Support the CFSP: Current Practices and Perspectives
16:50 Coffee Break
17:20 J. Pecci-Lopez (INDRA): Thermal, Hyperspectral and Nocturnal Sensors: from Civilian to Security Applications
17:40 J. Yague (GMV): Critical Infrastructure Protection by Using Thermal Infrared Sensor
18:00 R. Fitch (DLR): Dual Use Aspects of the BIRD Mission
18:20 J. Leijtens (TNO): Full Colour TIR Sensing for Science and Defence
18:40 J. Michaud (CNES): MiSTIGrI, a CNES PASO Study Dedicated to Infrared Temperature Measurement of Surfaces for Scientific Applications
19:00 G. Hofschuster (OHB): Small Satellite Constellation for Early Warning and Space Situational Awareness
19:20 End of Day-1, hosted Dinner

Thursday, October 2d

State of Art: presentations, continuation –chairman: O. Arino

09:00 T. Mazzoni (Selex Galileo): Galileo Avionica Experience in the Definition and Development of Spaceborne IR Instruments for Earth Observation

A. Regan (ESA): Re-orientation of the Fuegosat Consolidation Programme

Round Table: Thermal Infrared Needs for Defence and Security – moderator P. Silvestrin

Facilitators:   E. Duhamel (ESA), J.L. Valero (EUSC), M. Shimoni (RMS)

12:30 O. Arino (ESA): Closing remarks
12:50 End of Day-2


The second workshop, organised by ESA, was held in Grottaferrata, Italy on October 8th 2009. It aimed at presenting and discussing the requirements of potential users of a dual-use high spatial and temperature resolution Thermal Infra-Red system. The event, organised around invited speeches, presented user requirements collected in the framework of ongoing ESA projects for volcanologic, industrial and urban applications.

The programme and presentations of the second DESIRE workshop, attended by 46 participants, are provided below:

The Context


O. Arino (ESA) - Introduction to the Workshop and Collection of User Requirements


A. Regan (ESA) - Re-orientation of the Fuegosat Consolidation Programme


E. Duhamel (ESA) - GIANUS (Global Integrated Network for iNnovative Utilisation of
space for Security)

10:30 Coffee Break

TIR Applications


F. Prata (NILU) - Applications of high spatial resolution, spectral infrared measurements: a review and new directions


M. Shimoni (RMA) - Advanced thermal hyperspectral sensors and processing

13:00 Lunch

User Requirements

14:00 E. Montero Herrero (INDRA) - Urban applications: Urban Heat Island and Thermography
15:00 M.L. Tampellini (CGS) Volcanology - GlobVolcano
16:00 I. Reusen (VITO) Industrial Risk - SevesEO

Round Table: Thermal Infrared Requirements for Civil and Security applications

Facilitators: P. Silvestrin (ESA), J. Sobrino (University of Valencia) and F. Buongiorno (INGV)

18:00 Cocktail