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AQUACULTURE preparatory User Consultation

Defining Requirements for the Future ESA Aquaculture Project

31st March to 1st April 2011 in Oslo.

The aquaculture sector has been growing rapidly during the last decades, and is expected to play a continuously larger role in supplying the food needed for an increasing world population. During the same period, satellite monitoring of coastal waters and of coastal land-use has been steadily progressing, increasing the quality of the estimations of an increasing number of parameters. Various projects have attempted to develop satellite data applications in support of aquaculture, however, most often as a limited activity inside a wider project, and exploiting only some of the Earth Observation capacities that could benefit aquaculture.

It is therefore timely to channel state-of-the-art competence from the various, relevant Earth Observation technologies and techniques into one activity dedicated to aquaculture exclusively, in order to take a next, important step towards operational services for e.g.:

ESA’s future Aquaculture project will develop, demonstrate and validate information services in support of aquaculture management exploiting state-of-the-art remote sensing, modelling and data integration methods. It will address needs of users in Europe and internationally, including

Such organisations who would like to be part of the project are invited to contact Espen Volden in ESA as soon as possible:
Phone: +39 06 941 80 626

A 1½ -day workshop took place in Oslo from 31st of March to 1st of April 2011, bringing together users and experts in order to define a first set of user requirements which will thereafter be used as basis for the new project.

The workshop report and presentations can be downloaded here