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User consultation

CoastColour User Consultation

ESA's CoastColour project will hold its third user consultation meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, on 19-20 October 2011.

The meeting's objective is to present the CoastColour regional coastal water (Case 2) products and algorithms, developed during the last months, based on Envisat MERIS 300m satellite data.  Improvements of the CoastColour processing chain, including L1P, L2R and L2W processing, will be described in detail. A focus of the meeting will lie on validation and discussion of the results of the Round Robin algorithm intercomparison exercise.

The main objectives will be:
Presentation of CoastColour Products and Algorithms
Possibilities and limitations of regional Case 2 algorithms
User Presentations on validation and usage of CoastColour products
Results of the Round Robin exercise
Discussion on Round Robin, algorithm development, applicability of CoastColour products
Discussion on continuation of a forum for the coastal remote sensing community to facilitate international communication and collaboration
Future of CoastColour

On Friday, 21st of October, following the user consultation, users are invited to participate in a one-day CoastColour Products Interactive Workshop and Training Course at no charge.

In parallel, the second Round Robin workshop will take place. The results of the intercomparison exercise will be discussed to help users find the best algorithm for their region and to come to major findings on algorithm performance differences.

For more details and registration, clicik here