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Innovators III ForMoSA

Forest Degradation Monitoring with Satellite Data (ForMoSa)

Development of innovative forest degradation and deforestation monitoring products based on multiple coverages of multi-sensor, satellite imagery in response to R&D priorities identified by the Global Forest Observation Initiative (GFOI)

Innovators III ForMoSA
Forest Degradation Monitoring with Satellite Data (ForMoSa)
DUE (Data User Element)
€ 200k
Service Demonstration
In progress
Sentinel 2 : MSI
Landsat 8 : OLI-TIRS

The project addresses the main forest monitoring challenges and focuses on the development of methods to:  

  • generate high spatial resolution products to increase the precision of monitoring forest degradation and deforestation for MRV activities under REDD+
  • perform cross-calibration between RapidEye, Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 to ensure sensor interoperability and to achieve higher temporal revisit frequency combining imagery from three different sensors.

Additionally time series of Spot-5 / Take-5 over test sites in Ethiopia and Wageningen will be used to analyse the temporal revisit of a fully operational Sentinel-2 system with two satellites.

Wageningen University
Rene Griesbach BlackBridge Email:
Frank Martin Seifert European Space Agency - ESRIN D/EOP-SEP Via Galileo Galilei I-00046 Frascati (RM) ITALY Tel: +39 06-941.80560 Fax: +39 06-941.80552 Email: