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Innovators III SPONGE

SPaceborne Observations to Nourish the GEMS/Water Global Network (SPONGE)

The SPONGE innovator addresses research priorities within the Group of Earth Observation Water Strategy and United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) related to water resource management.  The project focuses on developing Sentinel-2 products for surface water and catchment basin parameters.

Innovators III SPONGE
SPaceborne Observations to Nourish the GEMS/Water Global Network (SPONGE)
DUE (Data User Element)
€ 200k
Service Demonstration
In progress
Sentinel 1 : C-SAR
Sentinel 2 : MSI
Maintenance of vital water resources is a global challenge, and requires global approaches. The United Nations Environmental Programme UNEP established the data access and knowledge management platform UNEP Live, and the Global Environmental Monitoring System (GEMS/Water) in order to provide timely, scientifically credible, policy-relevant environmental data, and assist member states in evidence based decision-making, action and planning for sustainable development. This project aims at the facilitation of water resource management information from Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-1 for the large global UN water community. 
In the scope of the SPONGE project, we propose to demonstrate the potential of Earth observation to address this need. We establishing a 1-year Sentinel-2 pilot service and provide an assessment of Sentinel 1 and Sentinel 3 derived surface water and catchment basin parameters. In collaboration with GEMS/Water and selected National Focal Points, appropriate methods will be developed and validated using existing in situ monitoring stations, and subsequently test these methods to improve coverage in underrepresented areas. 
Odermatt & Brockmann, Switzerland
Brockmann Consult Gmbh
UNEP-GEMS : UNEP-GEMS Data Center at the German Federal Institute of Hydrology
UNEP-GEMS-SYKE : National Focal Points of UNEP-GEMS e.g. the Finish Environmental Institute SYKE
Group on Earth Observation (GEO) secretariat, Geneva, Switzerland :
Daniel Odermatt Odermatt & Brockmann
Benjamin Koetz European Space Agency - ESRIN D/EOP-SEP Via Galileo Galilei I-00046 Frascati (RM) ITALY Tel: +39 06-941.80653 Email: