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 ATSR World Fire Atlas


 Sentinel-2 Time Series Emulation

ATSR Active Fire Algorithm

The ATSR night time data used contains 4 bands: 1.6, 3.7, 11.0, 12.0 micrometers.
The ATSR instrument has a 1km resolution.

2 straightforward algorithms have been tested in this project:

The detection capabilities depend on the fire temperature, and can be estimated as follows: 0.1 ha at 600K to 0.01 ha at 800K, for a background temperature of 300K.

The user of the Fire product must take into account the algorithm limitations due to cloud presence, atmospheric effects, bidirectionality of emissivity. Fire temperature and extension are not taken into account in the processing.

Nevertheless the advantages of ATSR are the following:

Known problems: