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Welcome to the European Space Agency GlobCover Portal

The GlobCover Portal provides access to the results of the GlobCover project.
GlobCover is an ESA initiative which began in 2005 in partnership with JRC, EEA, FAO, UNEP, GOFC-GOLD and IGBP. The aim of the project was to develop a service capable of delivering global composites and land cover maps using as input observations from the 300m MERIS sensor on board the ENVISAT satellite mission. ESA makes available the land cover maps, which cover 2 periods: December 2004 - June 2006 and January - December 2009.

Please see below the links to download the products.


GlobCover Land Cover Maps
Use the links below to download the map.

GlobCover 2009 (Global Land Cover Map) RELEASED ON 21st December 2010
Here you can find:
1) The zip file (information can be found in the Globcover2009_ReadMe.pdf which is included),
2) Updated Product Description and Validation Report (files/GLOBCOVER2009_Validation_Report_2.2.pdf)
3) A coloured version of the map in GeoTIFF format (CLICK HERE)
Global Land Cover Product (2005-06):
Here you can find:
1) The zip file (information can be found in the Globcover_ReadMe.pdf which is included),
2) The link to the web page for the download of the Regional land cover products (Globcover 200412 200606 V2.2 Region)
3) Product Description and Validation Report (GLOBCOVER_Product_Description_Validation_Report_I2.1.pdf)