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Coastal and Marine Resources Centre,
Research Organisation
Research Overview
Research in the CMRC is undertaken through a multi-disciplinary approach, involving researchers with a range of specialist backgrounds e.g. biologists, computer scientists, hydrographers, geographers and engineers. Basic and applied research in the CMRC is organised according to four specialist areas of interest:
  • Marine Geomatics:
    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & WebGIS for data management and geo-spatial analysis; remote sensing; computer modelling, observation systems; Internet technologies & services; data integration; interoperability; data mining; data visualisation; High Powered Computing; knowledge and information management.
  • Coastal Processes and Seabed Mapping:
    Coastal erosion & accretion; climate change & sea level rise; baseline multibeam mapping; aggregate resource evaluation; interpretation tools e.g. for fisheries management; sedimentary geodynamics; geophysical analysis; field monitoring skills.
  • Marine Mammal and Seabird Studies:
    Distribution and abundance of whales, dolphins, seabirds and seals; population studies; mitigation measures; observation techniques including telemetry; integrated modelling; risk assessment; best practice guidelines; integrated studies.
  • Coastal Governance:
    Policy/ socio-economic and institutional arrangements; public participation; indicators for coastal management; capacity building; coastal networks; carrying capacity, user requirements, marine spatial planning.

These thematic areas deal with technological, physical, biological and social aspects of the coastal and marine environment respectively. Significant synergies exist between each of the four areas.