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Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency of Germany
Ministry or Agency

BSH is the maritime partner to industry, science, and environmental organisations with over 800 dedicated employees. BSH has a wide range of responsibilities:

  • Services to maritime shipping, including tonnage measurement, law of the flag, International Shipping Register
  • Promotion of the German commercial fleet
  • Issue and registration of mariners' certificates
  • Type-testing and approval of radio communications and navigation equipment
  • Improvement of knowledge of the oceans
  • Surveys in the North and Baltic Seas performed by BSH vessels
  • Publication of nautical charts and small-craft charts
  • Approval of offshore activities, e.g. wind farms, pipelines, submarine cables
  • Prediction of tides, water levels, and storm surges
  • Monitoring of the marine environment
  • Prosecution of environmental offences


BSH is the authority responsible for measures to prevent the introduction of alien species with ships, and thus also for the approval of ballast water management systems.

Innovators II - Ballast Water