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University of Cantabria – Environmental Hydraulics Institute
Research Organisation
The Group of Oceanographic and Coastal Engineering (GIOC), it is one of the groups of research that forms a part of the Environmental Hydraulics Institute "IH Cantabria", mixed research institute between the University of Cantabria (UC) and the Foundation Institute of Environmental Hydraulics (FIHAC), situated in the Engineering School of Ways, Channels and Ports of the UC.

The areas of activity developed in the centre are focussed on teaching, research, development and technological transfer on the area of the transitional and coastal waters. Among the fundamental lines of research they are: Turbulent processes in coastal zones; Processes of transport on the coast and in transitional waters; Oceanography of the coastal zone; Operational oceanography; Analysis of geophysical variables; Characterization and evaluation of coastal systems; Flooding risks; Effects of the climatic change on the coast; Risk and modelling of tsunamis; Water quality in the coastal environment and areas of transition; Pollution in the coastal zone; Coastal engineering; Docks engineering; Design of coastal reparations; Renewable Energies associated to the marine environment; Computational Hydraulics; Physical modelling; In situ measurement techniques; Remote sensing of aquatic environments; Coastal zone management; Management of catastrophes and natural risks in the coastal zones.