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Greek Civil Protection

Hellenic General Secretariat for Civil Protection
Ministry or Agency

The GSCP belongs to the Ministry of Interior. It is the Hellenic competent authority for the planning and set-up of the national policy and actions in matters of prevention, preparation, public information, management and mitigation of natural, technological and other major hazards.

The main areas of activity of GSCP include:

  • Readiness of the personnel and means of Civil Protection.
  • Elaboration of the available scientific information for the mobilization of resources in case of emergencies.
  • Coordination of response and recovery actions in emergencies.
  • Coordination of emergency planning actions at national level.
  • Cooperation with the competent authorities towards preparing regulations, codes and legislation in the field of prevention.
  • Programming, based on the annual national civil protection planning, of the necessary annual provisions of means and human resources in cooperation with competent authorities.
  • Monitoring and control of the Annual National Planning implementation at regional and local level in cooperation with competent authorities.
  • Coordinate the distribution of State funds for CP to the local authorities.
  • Preparation of special reports for every major disaster. Revisions, amendment and improvement of existing planning proposals are included.
  • Operate a Civil Protection Operation Center on a 24 hours basis.
  • Assessment of information on weather forecasting and other precursory phenomena related with natural hazards, for the early notification and warning of the competent authorities and the general public.
  • Public information and awareness.
  • Organization and promotion of volunteer organizations work in the field of CP.
  • Support and promotion of the research, education and training in the field of CP.
  • Promotion of the country's relations with International Organizations and CP authorities, including representation in International Organizations.
  • Coordination of the assistance provided to Greece and assistance provided to other countries.