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Portuguese National Health Institute, Department of Epidemiology
Ministry or Agency

INSA is the Health Institute of Portugal. It is a Laboratory of the State in the Health sector and a national Health Observatory.

INSA has the task of contributing to gains in public health, through:

  • research and technological development,
  • epidemiological investigation and health services,
  • assurance of the external evaluation quality laboratory,
  • dissemination of scientific culture,
  • capacity building and training.

The Department of Epidemiology develops its activity in the areas of epidemiological records, databases, bio-statistics, epidemiology, clinical epidemiology and research in health services.

The Department of Epidemiology has the mandate to:

  • collect knowledge needs in the fields of health observation, epidemiological surveillance and epidemiological research;
  • develop, manage and maintain instruments of health observation;
  • develop, manage and maintain systems for epidemiological surveillance;
  • produce indicators of health relating to health status and disease of the population;
  • conduct epidemiological research;
  • disseminate the results to the scientific and technical communities as well as other relevant stakeholders;
  • provide training, directly or in collaboration, through the host of interns and fellows, and participation in courses.