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EOMAP GmbH & Co.KG is an independent company located in Oberpfaffenhofen, near Munich, Germany. EOMAP creates solutions to produce standardized map products from earth observation data.

Sophisticated map products based on multi- to hyperspectral remote sensing data, as well as classification software solutions, comprise EOMAP's core business. Our solutions rely on standardized physical models and work independently of scale, sensor type, and geographic location. We offer customized, large-area mapping based on satellite and airborne imagery for a manifold of applications with a focus on aquatic remote sensing. EOMAP's services can be applied in environmental monitoring and spatial explorations, in particular for coastal zones, inland waters, wetlands, and other areas where high-precision mapping is required.

Our software processors are based on the latest scientific findings and deliver standardized products such as suspended matter, phytoplankton, and dissolved organic material (DOM) from both deep inland and coastal waters. We can generate reliable and precise bathymetric charts and sea floor vegetation maps for optically shallow waters.

EOMAP's interdisciplinary team consists of highly specialised individuals with professional experience in software development, physically-based remote sensing product generation, cartography, interdisciplinary research, consultancy, and project management. All of our staff are natural scientists with either Masters or Doctorate degrees.