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Dutch organisation for applied scientific research
Department of Industrial and External Safety
Laan van Westenenk 501
7334 DT Apeldoorn
TNO is a Dutch research organisation of approximately 4,500 employees active on five core-areas: Quality of Life, Defence, Security & Safety, Industry & Technology, Built Environment & Geosciences and ICT & Services.

One of the research departments is the Industrial & External Safety (IEV) that is made of 25 scientists and works principally on the assessment of risks related to all activities with hazardous materials.

TNO/IEV core expertise is

  • Effect- and damage modelling: modelling of the concentrations of hazardous materials in the environment and the effects thereof on the environment, infrastructure and human beings.
  • Knowledge of the installations, their failure modes and failure frequencies that can lead to release of hazardous materials.
  • Methodology development for risk identification, -analysis and risk reduction.
TNO/IEV performs development and consultancy projects for industry and governmental agencies in the Netherlands as well as in foreign countries. The team is author of the Yellow and green Book, two standard references in relation to models for effect- and damage calculations.

Jan Meulenbrugge
+31 55 549 34 19
+ 31 55 549 3390