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Via Gallarate 150
20151 Milano
Carlo Gavazzi Space Spa is one of the most significant companies in Italy involved in the development of space systems and is part of a cluster of European enterprises operating in the aerospace and telematic business.

Founded in 1981, with headquarters in Milan and excellence centres in Italy, the company employs more than 180 qualified engineers & physicists.

The company works in close cooperation with the leading Italian research organisations for space and technology research and promotes co-operation with worldwide organisations and industrial partners for joint developments, know-how transfer, commercial partnerships.

Carlo Gavazzi Space Spa has consolidated expertise, resources and facilities to carry out a range of activities that stratch from the development of space systems to manufacturing, integration, qualification and flight certification. Its success is due to a combination of technical expertise, innovative technologies and low cost solutions which allow to give customers easy access to space. The company operates both on the institutional and commercial markets. Its main customers are space agencies, space authorities and large industrial groups.

the main fields of activities of Carlo Gavazzi Space include:

  • Satellites.
  • orbital infrastructures
  • Scientific Payload
  • Earth Observation
Carlo Gavazzi Space has improved its expertise in remote sensing services developing solutions for the exploitation of data coming from Earth Observation satellites (Envisat, ERS etc.) and other platforms (e.g. stratospheric platforms), their customisation to specific needs and distribution to final users. Furthermore the company is able to offer complete small satellite systems for Earth Observation providing its platforms with related instruments and technologies for remote sensing missions, both in optic and radar wavelengths. CGS is particularly involved in the exploitation of SAR Synthetic Aperture Radar technologies.
Mrs. Maria Lucia Tampellini
+39 02-380.48249
+39 02 -80.6458