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The European Space Agency (ESA) has identified a potential need for geostationary Earth Observation satellites for high resolution observations. A High Resolution Geostationary
(GEO-HR) system with its high-revisit, fast response and near real-time capabilities would primarily benefit EO applications such as maritime security/surveillance, disaster management, land security/surveillance and environmental monitoring.
Following the recommendations from the first GEO-HR workshop organized by ESA in 2010 a dedicated ESA study called GEO-HR - Requirements for Maritime Security & Disaster Management was conducted. Within this study specific GEO-HR products and services have been identified and specified together with the user community. Subsequently these GEO-HR products have been demonstrated to the users in dedicated application showcases:
The second GEO-HR user consultation workshop presented the progress made relative to the recommendations received during the first GEO-HR workshop. In particular the user requirements and potential EO products for two primary application domains - Maritime Security & Surveillance and Disaster Management - have been demonstrated and discussed.
As input to the workshop a GEO-HR Product Prospectus has been prepared, which summarizes the user requirements and corresponding GEO-HR products for Maritime Security and Surveillance and Disaster Management Services as developed in the GEO-HR study.

Representatives from end-user communities attended the event, which aimed to collect their feedback in order to further define and consolidate the primary mission objectives of a new class of GEO-HR Earth Observation satellites.

List of the 44 registered participants

GEO-HR Final Report 2013
Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: GEO-HR Study - User Needs, Demonstration Scenarios & Mission Requirements
Session 3: Maritime Security & Surveillance
Session 4: Disaster Management
Round Table Discussion