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Strengthening the Use of EO in Global Modelling

In the last decades, with the launch of satellites such as Europe's Envisat and MSG, a wealth of new types of observations have become available. The ability to retrieve many new physical and chemical properties of the earth system from these satellites has been proven through intensive validation campaigns. However, for the majority of practical and scientific applications of EO, retrievals from individual instruments are inadequate by themselves.  Most applications, whether scientific, policy-driven governmental or commercial, benefit from a synthesis of all available data, both satellite and ground-based, into a quality-controlled, spatially and temporally uniform, computer model of the real world.

Strengthening the Use of EO in Global Modelling
DUE (Data User Element)
Feasibility Study
ENVISAT : SCIAMACHY" target="_blank">

The objective of the GlobModel project was to determine how to strengthen the operational and research use of EO by the Earth System Modelling user community, in order to fully exploit current and future European investments in earth observation infrastructure. GlobModel consisted of two main activities: a Study and a Demonstration. The Study provided an analysis of the existing and potential use of EO in earth-system modelling, and proposed a strategy with recommendations to ESA for achieving a greater use of EO. The Demonstration provided an illustration of the issues raised in the Study, focussing on the assimilation of SCIAMACHY and OMI data for stratospheric ozone and tropospheric air quality applications.

Final Report
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