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Rue Bois l Evêque, 36
4000 LIEGE

Keyobs is a spin-off company created from the l’University and the Spatial Centre of Liège. The company was launched in 2001 with the support of WSL, an incubator for young companies dealing with spatial activities.

Keyobs offers services and is specialized in cartographic applications for missions dealing with humanitarian, environmental, geological, engineering and sustainable development matters. Most of our activities concern the developing countries. The company provides field actors with mapping products taylored to their needs, that is an updated and personalized cartographic information and a tool to support communication and decision-making. To achieve this, Keyobs resorts to an innovative combination of expertises in geographic information, geo-sciences and remote- sensing (satellite and aerial imagery). In addition, the company develops personalized Web-Mapping solutions to manage and exchange geographical data through the Internet.

Keyobs's slogan is "Mapping your ideas into solutions".

As specialised in GIS and Remote Sensing technologies, KEYOBS offers solutions to complex situations, principally but not exclusively related to:

  • Engineering and International Development
  • Environment
  • Humanitarian Aid and Assistance
  • Geology and Mining


Ir. Herbert HANSEN (CEO)
+32 (0)4 2543483
+32 (0)4 2528189
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